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We adapt shipping containers into homes, offices, commercial facilities, cafés, warehouses and camping bungalows. With technological solutions we are able to meet the highest construction standards and clients’ expectations. We build homes out of containers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Germany and Finland. We are expanding our business activity in entire Europe. See what we can do with sea containers. Move in today to a beautiful ecological designer house.



from 290 000 nok

Prices of modular shipping containers given above and designs are indicative. We approach every order in an individual manner. You can use ready-made solutions or tell us about your needs, and we will design a container especially for you. Just tell us how many meters of space you need, and we will choose the right number of modular containers.

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We draw inspiration from our surroundings. We play with form and function, creating modern residential shipping containers that will catch your eye. We design and produce containers distinguished by their high quality, modern design and ecology. The modular structure creates an unlimited range of possibilities for combining and arranging them. The easiness of changing location will truly save you time and money. See our inspirations and choose something for you.

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We put your needs on paper and pass them over for implementation. Experienced craftsmen transform the executive design into a materialized object. Under technical supervision and the eye of the designer, walls, doors and other elements are created for your residential container. Cutting, welding or windows installation are the normal services performed in the process of container adaptation. Our basic assets are experience, calm and efficiency.

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Norwegian nature is our inspiration, we live in harmony with it. That is why we also offer used shipping containers. We sandblast and paint them to meet your needs. Recycling is very important for us. Order a used container, give it a second life and save money. Live in harmony with Mother Earth. Be Eco. Be Yourself.


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We adapt sea containers from NOK 299,000. We build homes, camping bungalows, offices and small catering facilities. We operate in the Scandinavian and also European markets. In Norway we lead in ecology, combining natural space with recycled residential containers. Our work is our passion.

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